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Alt 05.02.2011, 19:16
imranthetrekker imranthetrekker ist offline
aktiv dabei
Registriert seit: 25.01.2007
Ort: Chitral
Beiträge: 127
Galerie: 22
Standard Re: Concordia - Gondogoro La Trek - June / Aug 2011

Pakborn, We're looking forward to your updates about the trek..

Good luck..
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Alt 22.11.2011, 16:13
Pakborn Pakborn ist offline
Registriert seit: 31.12.2010
Ort: Pakistan
Beiträge: 11
Galerie: 0
Reden Re: Concordia - Gondogoro La Trek - June / Aug 2011

Had a wonderful time on the Concordia trip. Below is a day to day experience of the trip. We went with Snowland Treks & Tours and started our journey on September 8, 2011. Below is a summary of the trek

Day1: reach Askole
Day 2: Askole - Jhola
day 3: Jhola - Paiyo
Day 4: Rest Day
Day 5: Paiyo - Khubustse
Day 6: Khubustse - Urdukas
Day7: Urdukas - Goro II
Day8: Goro II - Concordia
Day 9: Rest Day
Day 10: Concordia - Goro II
Day 11: Goro II - Khubustse
Day 12: Khubustse - Lunch place of Day 3 (i.e. between Jhola and Paiyu)
Day 13: Askole by 6 pm

Feel free to write to me for specific details. Enjoy reading

September 8, 2011

1:00 pm We were at Shigar Fort residences and I said good bye to my family who were leaving for the Skardu airport to catch a flight to Islamabad airport. We were lucky to get the 5 seats confirmed (which was a big tasks, as people who have travelled this sector would agree). For myself I was ready with my two bags (a 55 + 10 L and a 25L) to be picked up by the Snowland Tours Jeep for the first leg of the journey (riding to Askole). By 1:30 pm I get the call from Shujaat (one of the owner s) to step out and there I went all excited. One of the porters came quickly to the door and picked my bags and there I was in the jeep seated on the front seat with a French guy, John. Well we had a very brief introduction with the partners and I realized there were 9 of us

1- Steve – Kiwi
2- Leigh – Kiwi
3- John – French
4- Stefen – British
5- Salman – Pakistani living in the USA
6- Alex – Columbian living in Australia
7- Riaz – Pakistani living in Australia
8- Siraj – Bengali
9- Myself - Pakistani

We were seated as follows:

Jeep 1: I, John (front seat), Alex, Riaz and Stefen on the back seat
Jeep 2: Steve, Leigh, Salman and Siraj.
Jeep 3: the Loader jeep with porter, food stuff etc.

I was ready for the 7 hour journey and ready to be reached by 8 pm, so I was relaxed on the front seat. After around 30 minutes of jeep ride on tarred road, we stopped…. There was power strike in one of the villages and people had blocked the road. We remained stuck there for an hour or so, just took a few strides, tried to mix with the group people, get update from my family (phone signals were soon going to go away)….bit of a disappointment was that I got to know that the flight from Skardu to Islamabad did not operate that day and my family had to go by road. They managed to hire a private van (which was a relief as opposed to going by public bus), but the road trip would be no less than 30 hours….phew…

Once the road cleared, we were off again and were on the dirt track with villages along our way, beautiful scenery (which reminded me of the scenery I witnessed while going to Shandur from Gilgit by Natco bus an year earlier). We stopped for a short while at a village (we took turn to take a leak) and then stopped around sun-set time (say 6:30 pm) at this small restaurant for refreshments. I was hungry, had not had lunch so had few biscuits, we were treated by tea by the tour company, prayed and off again for ASKOLE. Another 3 odd hours of drive, with the last 45 odd minutes on a tough track with steep slopes and landslide areas. Reached Askole around 9 pm, I was all excited upon reaching, saw our tent, got my bags from the jeep, got to know my tent partner (Siraj)…. With bags stuffed into the tents, got called for the dinner….. We were served with a very luxurious meal, soup, rice, pasta (??) and dessert. We had a good introductory chat till around midnight. We were guided on the next days plans by the tour guide (wake up 6 am, breakfast 6:30 am and we leave 7 am) and then we slipped into our tents …. Well its was my second experience of camping and I found it pretty comfortable.

Askole Camp: It’s the last village before the trek starts, and tourists provide a good income to people to this area. Accordingly the camp has developed basic tourist facilities (small toilet, wash basin) a few shops (selling basic stuff), dining room, kitchen facilities, 2 bed rooms.
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Alt 22.11.2011, 16:14
Pakborn Pakborn ist offline
Registriert seit: 31.12.2010
Ort: Pakistan
Beiträge: 11
Galerie: 0
Reden Re: Concordia - Gondogoro La Trek - June / Aug 2011

September 9, 2011
Woke up on time at 6 am, had a good night sleep…found out that I was comfortable with tents. Last time I camped for a night on the Deosai plains, and it was tough (we were not prepared, I felt claustrophobic in the mummy bag etc). I was excited, jumped out of the tent, looked around, praised the surrounding, used the toilet (pretty ok it was), brushed my teeth and was ready for the breakfast. Breakfast was grand… Omelet + Parathas + Cereals + Jams + Tea + Coffee…. Well we were actually late (although I had woken up on time) as per the schedule told to us last night, people came around 7:30 for the breakfast and we were done around 8:30 with the breakfast. Went to the tent, picked the bags and ready to go. Went I wanted to know about my family as well… they were going by road, and should be in Chilas (a big city) where mobiles should be operating, so I requested Shujaat for the satellite phone. I called but alas, the phones were switched off… I tried the 2-3 different numbers I had of the family members, but all switched off. I was worried, very worried (I was away from them + it was a bit risky drive on the mountainous road + there is no reason for all the phones to be switched off)… something just clicked my mind, ‘should I call off the trip’, I panicked for a brief moment, but then I decided to go ahead with the trip….

We left 9:30 am from the Askole Camp, I was excited (with the concern for the family still bothering me), it was a wonderful trek, with vegetation in close proximity and river flowing. Initially it was walk on dirt trek, with open spaces all around. We walked for like 3.5 hours before reaching the Korophone at around 1 pm. It was a nice camping site, with trees all around… I was tired (a bit) took off the shoes and waited for lunch. Apparently the lunch stuff was lagging behind, but reached in some 45 minutes and the staff starting the job. The mat was spread out for the food and we were served with lunch.… instant noodles, biscuits, canned fish, tinned fruits, tea…wow it was Grand again…. We had a good introductory chat with the fellow tourists………Family still could not be approached, I was getting anxious, felt home sick. We left the camp site around 3 pm and for the next camp… the Jhola Camp.

Another 3 hour of trek, on plain path, chatting with fellow tourists…. And we reached the Jhola camp. On the way passed a hanging bridge, the bridge that was put up in replacement of the ‘Jhula’ (the swing) which was a make-shift arrangement for the tourists. There’s a place where you need to cross the river (and the current and volume make it unpassable on foot) accordingly these arrangements (jhola earlier and now the bridge were setup. The jhola, however made the distance shorter by 90 minutes (this is what we actually confirmed and realized on our return journey, where we were trying to cross the river on foot).

Jhola camp was a ‘Big’ welcome, firstly as I managed to get to contact my family (they were on the road where cellular signals were not available) and secondly I had successfully and without much stress managed the 7 hour trek. Camps had been setup, I collected my bag from the porters and put it in my tent. Without resting went to the dining tent. I wanted a pepsi, checked with Akbar (the guide) and indeed there was a small store which was selling Pepsi. Akbar got me a good deal on pepsi (they had asked Rs. 300 for a 1.5 litre bottle, which was 4 times the price you’d get in the city. Akbar made them agree on Rs. 200). I had 3 odd glasses, Akbar had a few and shared it with other tourist as they entered the dining tent. We had a luxurious dinner served by around 8 pm. Discussed the plan for next day (which was usual – getup 6, have breakfast by 6:30 and leave by 7 am). Got into the bed by around 9:30 – 10 pm and had a good sleep.
Jhohla camp: Jhoola camp was well setup, with fiber-glass toilets and water. Though the wash basin was not clean, but otherwise the facilities (including water availability, toilets itself etc) were good. The river was flowing at a distance from us, with small glacier streams flowing along side the tent.

September 10, 2011
Woke up 6:30m. After using the toilet went to brush my teeth…. The wash basin was too dirty, thus decided to do it in the open. Water was freezing, and the weather was bearable (not too cold, a single jacket with a thin pullover). Had breakfast by around 7:30 and got off by around 8:30am (late again). I was charged up for today (family worries sorted, had done 1 full day of trekking… I can do the remaining as well… well it became a challenge though at the end of this day).

This day was a 9 hour trek… too long, narrow (very narrow) paths along the fast flowing river, jumping over boulders, too many ups and downs (that too steep)…. Our first stop was at the Bardumal Camp, we reached at 1:30 pm there (5 hour trek), path upto here was easy / reasonable, though had got tired. We had lunch, next to this lunch spread was a tap with flowing water and a small room (for rationing and cooking food). Lunch did not require any significant cooking anyway, just instant noodles were cooked. Got up after an hour of eating / resting and away we were on the next camp, Paiyu (after the Paiyu peak). My small bag-pack which was around 10 kgs, had started to bother me. The long walk + the bag… I was getting tired. My knees were giving me pain signals, I was wearing knee bands on both knees, but still the pain had started.

From the lunch place to the Paiyu camp the path had started to get tough (atleast for me), too many ups and down, boulders…..after two hour or so after the lunch my knees had given up… I could not walk … the path down was more difficult. Akbar, pumped me saying that camp is just a little way ahead (2 hours MORE)… well there was no other way but to continue….the last 30 minutes were most torturous, I could hardly walk, how will I continue for the next 13 odd days, I was not fit…. How will I get back if I quit now… do I take the horse and return…. Do I stay at the Paiyu camp for 6-7 days and let the people go to Concordia and back….man, it was the most challenging day. Reached the camp and I could barely walk upto my tent. Motivation was very down with worries of going back, going ahead….I was not in the mood of talking pictures…. I wanted to discuss this with someone on a serious note and get advise. Akbar, was always gentle and nice. He told that we have a rest day and that the knees should get better, well I was not sure. Also the day after the rest day, was a short walk (3.5 hours to Urdukas), so this should be easy for me. Then it was Leigh…. She was a big big help… with her experience in trekking she had answers to all my questions… she said rest would surely help, she told me the rationale why knees hurt, and suggested getting it bandaged and that would help, putting ice around the knee would ease swelling ….

Anyway the day was tough, even the walk from my tent to dining tent was very difficult. Had dinner, and went to sleep by 9 ish. I put the decision to go back or carry on at the back of my head and decided to let the knees relax.
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Alt 28.01.2012, 17:37
Benutzerbild von Yeti2009
Yeti2009 Yeti2009 ist offline
Registriert seit: 02.02.2011
Ort: Gummersbach
Beiträge: 21
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Beitrag AW: Concordia - Gondogoro La Trek - June / Aug 2011

You can see over 50 pictures of my Gondogoro La Trek from July 2011 on my website:
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Alt 13.04.2012, 17:55
kimyal kimyal ist offline
Registriert seit: 18.03.2011
Ort: Rhein-Main/Deutschland
Beiträge: 6
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Standard AW: Concordia - Gondogoro La Trek - June / Aug 2011

Hi, did you make this trip last year? If so, pls. can you send me some information about the agency/tour operator and the cost.
Thanks very much in advance.

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Alt 13.04.2012, 18:02
Pakborn Pakborn ist offline
Registriert seit: 31.12.2010
Ort: Pakistan
Beiträge: 11
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Standard Re: AW: Concordia - Gondogoro La Trek - June / Aug 2011

Zitat von kimyal Beitrag anzeigen
Hi, did you make this trip last year? If so, pls. can you send me some information about the agency/tour operator and the cost.
Thanks very much in advance.

We went in September 2011 (as my report states) - We went with Snowland Tours and costed us $1200 (land only, w/o tips).
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Alt 25.07.2012, 07:58
stefan bukowski stefan bukowski ist offline
neu dabei
Registriert seit: 25.07.2012
Ort: germany
Beiträge: 2
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Standard AW: Concordia - Gondogoro La Trek - June / Aug 2011

i am flying into pakistan on the first of august and i would be interested
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Alt 31.07.2012, 16:31
Pakborn Pakborn ist offline
Registriert seit: 31.12.2010
Ort: Pakistan
Beiträge: 11
Galerie: 0
Standard Re: Concordia - Gondogoro La Trek - June / Aug 2011

You are welcome - We did the trek last year in 2011- I can guide you on the itinerary and the tour agency we went with. Email me if you want further details
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