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13.03.2007, 21:28
On the KKH Passu is an interesting stop for trekking.

I start this trek to know all about Passu and the treks in the surroundings.

Who has been in Passu and knows hotels and guesthouses, guides and agencies, treks from Passu with itineraries and interesting places? Who has pictures?
Not to forget: who finds a map and posts it here to illustrate all this - AndreasW?


14.03.2007, 06:55

Ecoturism Brochures of Gojal (Upper Hunza) by Mareile and Matthiue Paley: http://www.paleyphoto.com, commissioned in 2003 by the Mountain Areas Conservancy Project (MACP).

Including introductory Cultural and Historical facts, Ecoturism, main Trekking routes, informations and advises.

You can download these brochures in PDF file on the links here below:

Misgar: paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_misgar.pdf (http://paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_misgar.pdf)

Khunjerab: paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_khunjerab.pdf (http://paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_khunjerab.pdf)

Chapursan: paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_chapursan.pdf (http://paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_chapursan.pdf)

Passu: paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_passu.pdf (http://paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_passu.pdf)

Shimshal: paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_shimshal.pdf (http://paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_shimshal.pdf)

Khyber: paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_khyber.pdf (http://paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_khyber.pdf)

Hussaini: paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_hussaini.pdf (http://paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_hussaini.pdf)

Ghulkin/Gulmit: paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_ghulkin_gulmit.pdf (http://paleyphoto.com/downloads/macp_ghulkin_gulmit.pdf)

you can also try to request a published copy to www.macp-pk.org (http://www.macp-pk.org/).

MACP is a collaborative project between IUCN, WWF, UNESCO, AKF and Governament of Pakistan.

Source: http://p078.ezboard.com/Ecoturism-Brochures-for-Gojal--Upper-Hunza/fpakistantravelforumfrm32.showMessage?topicID=34.t opic

14.03.2007, 10:53
we have been to Passu in August 2005, staying in the Passu Peak Inn, which I strongly would recommend. The owner Akhber Shah, a former seargent in the Pakistan army, is a very friendly man, cooking huge amounts of food and always bringing up fruits from his garden. His English is very good and you can learn everything about the area (also trekking).

We made two treks, each of them 1 week. The first started directly from the Passu Peek Inn, crossing the huge Batura glaciour and following it up via Yashpirt, Guchesham to Lupdor (coming back the same way). In the whole, this is an easy trek with tremdous views of the Batura Walls and glaciours. The crossing of the glaciour (about 3 km) is not too difficult, but of course, some care is needed.

The second trail was from Shimshal to Shimshal Pamir, coming back via Shpodeen pass and Zandgarben valley. Shimshal can now be reached in 3 hours per jeep from Passu (there is one daily jeep with 16 person capacity, the road is an adventure, passing through rivers and gorges). There is a friendly guesthouse in Shimshal, guides and porters can be hired easily via this guesthouse. The trail to Wuch Forzeen has some difficult passages, where you walk 400 m on top of a gorge, or you have two cross some scree slopes - a guide would be very good here. Very beautiful area and very nice people!!
May be , I will post some photos, if I get my slide scanner to work.

14.03.2007, 12:13
Hallo Phacops,
in Passu starteten wir unsere Eingehtour. Start im Passu In auf dem KKH Richtung Norden. Nach ca. 2km links weg und hoch zum Baturagletscher. Nach der Alm Yunzbin steil links hoch Richtung Yunzpass. An der ersten Schäfer"hütte" auf dem Yunzplateau haben wir unser Zelt aufgeschlagen. Einsam und wild-ein Aussichtslogenplatz auf die Baturagruppe/gletscher und der Kathedrale. Am nächsten Tag über Yunzpass zum Passugletscher. Gletscher nicht queren, sondern links weg über einen sehr luftigen Pfad runter nach Passu. Ne schöne Runde! Wollten ursprünglich über Patundas, haben aber den Übergang nicht gefunden. Ideal fanden wir die DAV Karte HUNZA. Fotos kommen sicher auch mal.

Gruß Ingolf.

14.03.2007, 21:32
@AndreasW: Once again more links then I can read in one evening. Good job! :up: Thanks! You will get a bottle of sheep milk for this :p .
For the Passu area there is in the 4th link (Passu) also a very nice map.
You didn´t find a map also for the western areas to the Passu and Batura glacier in the net, did you? (I know, I´m insatiable ;) )

@Rakaposhi: For your first trek - the Batura glacier trek up to Lupdor, have you had a guide from Passu? Also porters? How much are they?
For the Shimshal Pamir trek (oh - I´m all excited reading your trek-report :-) ) you needed a permit? Where have you got it? In Pindi or Passu? How much was it?
Also the jeep to Shimshal: how much was it and was it arranged by the PP Inn?
How far did you trek up - til Shimshal Pass? Have you got an idea, how´s the Mungalig Sar to climb?
The guesthouse in Shimshal has enough rooms or are there not too much visitors?
Your pics are highly expected here :cool: :-) !

@ingolf: Hmmm - Patundas you didn´t find? Is the terrain as difficult to "read"?
The DAV map I´ve mislaid - you have it in your shop?
I only have Jerzy Wala´s sketch map Batura Mustagh available.
Your pics too are eagerly awaited :cool: :D .

Any other experience in treks there? The Avdegar trek for example? Or to the Werthum Pass? Or even via the Yuksh Goz Pass to Chapursan? But I know: This is exploring and pioneer territory!

15.03.2007, 06:44
@AndreasW: Once again more links then I can read in one evening. Good job! :up: Thanks! You will get a bottle of sheep milk for this :p .
For the Passu area there is in the 4th link (Passu) also a very nice map.
You didn´t find a map also for the western areas to the Passu and Batura glacier in the net, did you? (I know, I´m insatiable ;) )
Yes, I found... but you should read the "Khyber brochure" at first... :roll:



"Insatiable"... Me too... ;) Now, the sheep comes in the pan and in the bottle is an other taste.... OK?... :D


15.03.2007, 07:20
Hi Dear all,

Well come to Hunza i am from Upper Hunza Gulmit born in a a very small remote village of Borith lake.
now in China doing my tiger leaping gorges hike coooll one but not high as my area.

there is lots of options for day hikes or even short treks.
you can walk from passu to Yunzben toward batura glacier, or from passu to borith lake must spend a night there a small guest house in bortih lake with again a retired army uncle speaks not too bad english.
from there you can alsi climb up to borith sar for a stunning view of the areas.

patundas batura alpine trek is a circle trek starts from borith lake crossing passu glacier over to patundas meadow than down to batura glacier....really good trek in upper hunza.
to stay in Passu batura Inn.
passu peak inn
Passu inn
shisper peak inn
there are higher price hotels as well.
Passu Ambasdor
passu tourist lodge

low budget hotels
Shutubar inn
gulmit village guest house
gulmit tourist inn
Higher ones.
Marco Polo inn
Silk route lodge
Tourist inn

Borith Lake
Borith Lake hotel or guest house.

please let me know if you need more information.

have a fun travel.

Cheers Iman

Annotation phacops:
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We are pleased that you joined our community and appreciate your knowledgeable postings and answers.
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15.03.2007, 16:37
Hi Phacobs,
also den Einschnitt hoch nach Patundas von der Baturaseite zu finden, ist sehr schwierig, bzw war uns (guidelos) nicht möglich. Mann denkt jetzt hat man die Spur, aber dann isses doch wieder nur ne Tierspur die im Nichts endet. Es ist auch absolut kein Pass erkennbar, im oberen Bereich überall Steilwände und alles steinschlaggefährdet. Wir haben uns zwecks Schönrederei gesagt, das wohl ein Erdbeben/Steinlawine den Zugang mitgenommen haben muß. Naja, höchswahrscheinlich waren wir wohl nur unfähig.
Die Karte (ist gerade in der Nachbestellung) habe ich normalerweise im Laden.

Gruß Ingolf.

15.03.2007, 21:14
@AndreasW: So you provide the sheep and I´ll take care of the tastes of garlic and that famous grouse :p .
@Iman Hunza: Thanks for the trek details and the guesthouse list. Do you know, whether in Passu or elsewhere in the region there is internet access or which telephone works?

@ingolf: I presume, it was a rockfall or an earthquake ;) . With the map, thats good to know:) .

In the Passu-link above, the Mungalig Sar looks like an easy to climb 6000m peak. Anyone knows more about it?


16.03.2007, 09:42
We usually make our own trips without porters, some times we take a guide, if we think it is better. So I can not tell you about porter rates. When we crossed the Batura glaciour, both times local people showed up to help us with the way - most of the glaciour is scree,but there are crevasses where you have to walk around. it was very exhausting!!
In 2005 there was no permit necessary for Shimal treks (I hope this did not change). We went up by private jeep, which I just hired in front of the main store in passu. We paid about 2500 Rupees. Coming down was with the Shimshal village jeep, 100 Rupees per person. The guesthouse in Shimshal has about four or five rooms (doubles and also triples) - there were always 3 or 4 more guests when we stayed there. There were also plans to open more guesthouses. I do not think you will have a problem there - they have very big families and I am sure, they will arrange something, if the guesthouse is full.
In Shimshal we hired one guide and one porter (1000 Rupees per day for them together, which is probably more than they usually get, but is was worth it).

Yes, We have been to Shimshal pass, which is very smooth - just on the other side is Stewerat, a summer village of the Shimshal shephards. Unfortunately I am not interested in climbing, so, I can not deal with infos on climbing peaks - but you can expect to find plenty of experienced climbers in Shimshal - many of the villagers have been on 8000 m peaks.

16.03.2007, 17:08
Salam mes cheres amis,

Shimshal, a very fertile area, which produced great climbers not only in north Pakistan but on world level, and some of my best friends're from Shimshal like Qudrat Ali ( great trekking mountain guide).

There's great climber who's nowadays in his 60's, climbed all the 8000 m's peaks along with K2 many times in Pakistan, he's the uncle of a friend if mine, Karim Khan, Mr. Rajab Shah, after great Nazir sabir, he's considered another legend in the climbing history of Pakistan.

There're some very challenging and high passes like Khordopin and Shimshal passes along with beautiful and challenging peaks.

Je vous souhaite un voyage tres agreable,

Imran Schah
Old city Peshawar.

Mountain gods of Pakistan at

19.03.2007, 07:42
There're some very challenging and high passes ....

The Shimshal area has not been highly in my awareness ...
I should pay more attention to this region...

28.03.2007, 08:21
G'day every one,
Finally i make it to Hong Kong.
what a shame the Chinese government has baned your site so i could not able to view it in China.
being very busy desigining a new hike through the Yangtse 3 gorges staying couple of days in a farm houses as a part of my responsible travel policy.
great hike but not for summer season good in early season or in Automn.
than off to Tiger leaping gorges that is one of my faverite hike in China.
Looking forward to chat to you guys more.
and i would love to post you the detail Itinerary and also i did a very long hike along the Great Wall as well will also post that soon as well.
Every one have a fun trip.
catch you guys soon.
Till than Zaijian.