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23.01.2007, 12:08
Has anybody of you already made the complete way around the Namtso lake on the pilgrims route?
How did you organize this trip, which season would you recommend and which were your experiences? Thanks for any hints and reports.
Kind regards, Margit

27.01.2007, 08:59
I tried to trek from Damjhung to Namtso end of 2005. It was very hard to find yak drivers, because since the completion of the road some years ago nobody (or very few) go trekking there any longer. Eventually, we found yak drivers who were willing to go, but the next day when we loaded the yaks they threw off the loads constantly, and by the time we found the yaks and collected all the pans and other equipment that lied scattered around, the bad weather had turned into a snowstorm - and we decided to take the jeep to Namtso.

So my advice: make sure the agency you choose in Tibet really! knows some yak herders who can do it and organizes them in advance. And make sure you get involved in the discussions about the price, otherwise your Lhasa guide will probably try to rip the yak herders off. The yak herders were very hospitable and friendly (and spending time with them were the best moments we had in Tibet), and seemed genuinly pleased that tourists are still interested in walking rather than taking a jeep.

Good luck,

29.01.2007, 16:43
Hi margit !

This is a wonderful idea ; trekking around the holy Nam Tso Chukmo and it is not so difficult.
Take the bus from Lhasa to Damsung and with truck to the village Namtso.
Around the lake are tree village ( you can stay there ) but better is a tent and camping in loneliness , direct on the lake side its dream like , eating und trinkingwater must carry with you.
The way near the lake is not easy and on the east side are a big swamp territory.
Only few pilgrim gos all the way around the lake , the most visit only two monestrys , Rimtso and Dargyhe , on the nord side.
The best season for me , trekking in tibet , sept. - okt.

I wishes you a nice time in tibet , together with this lovely people .

Tashi Delek Hans - Wien

02.02.2007, 07:15
Hello Hans,

Did you make the complete trek around the lake? How did you organize getting carried your stuff and food? Thanks for any further hints and details !

Servus Margit

04.02.2007, 14:05
Hi margit !

I didn,t go the complete trail arounde the lake , on the west and east side are many rivers and swamps.
I,am sorry , i dont no where you can organize the tour , because I tramp always alone through tibet.

Tashi Delek Hans -. Wien