Vollständige Version anzeigen : Silk Roads, caravansarails, caravansarys, caravansérails, or whatever the orthography

09.01.2007, 03:29
Well, everybody in this forum, heard, knows and even visited some of these places.
I am looking for information on these places on the Silk Roads ( Silk Roads: this exotic-travel-dreaming- making name has been "invented" by F. Von Richthofen, German geologist of the 19th century), between Istambul and Xian. Many disappeared when the trade caravan vanished from the area, but on some sections still a lot seem to remain, in cities but also in remote places, and these are the ones I want to visit!
The information I am looking for is : detailed maps (from websites, libraries, etc. . . ).
Travel accounts (15th century to actual) in English, German, French, Spanish.
Most important are maps, as I have the idea to make a solo trekking on a portion of one of the silk roads and I am looking for a 1000 km section where I hope to find as many as possible still not in ruin condition (specially for shelter and logistics), i.e. 25 to 30, if I walk 30-40 km/day during one month.
It is as a project stage, I did not decide now where this could be: Eastern Turkey- Iran, or Iran only, or Iran-Turkmenistan, or. . . or . . . the silk roads have many variants, and I even consider the Pakistan-China route via the Wakhan corridor.
Nothing is done, I allow me 8-16 month to prepare this trek. I am looking for info, (not necessary advice, thanks!), and mainly where (specialised shops or libraries in Europe) I can get detailed route and trekking maps (1/50.000 to 1/200.000)
Ah and if it goes well I go back for another 1000km section, one or two years later, so all info is welcome.
Many thanks in advance.