Vollständige Version anzeigen : Mustagh Ata und Pik Lenin

12.03.2004, 20:06
Wer kommt mit?Zwei 7000-er in sechs Wochen.Ich suche noch einen Bergpartner/in für eine Tour zum
Mustagh Ata (7546m) und zum Pik Lenin (7134m).
Würde mich freuen,wenn Du mitkommst.Termin:
02.07.04 - 14.08.04

Viele Grüsse

02.04.2004, 02:31
Servus !

You have very ambitious plans !!!! Six weeks is very sharp. What if the weather sucks a little bit ? Anyway, succes and all the best with your project !

How did you organise the permit for Muztaghata ? We are couple and the two of us are looking for some more people to share the 1080 USD climbing permit. The more people on that paper, the less expensive for everyone. We would like to do it last week June/first three weeks of July (but flexible)

Let me know if you are interested : sherpalito@yahoo.co.uk

Good luck !