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saipal peak
12.09.2006, 04:35
Dear all Nepal friends
Please find here TAAN news Vol 17 concering the TRC.

TAAN introducing TRC from October 1

As per the mandate of the Nepal Government, Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN) is going to introduce Trekking Registration Certificate (TRC) from October 1, 2006. The provision of TRC will be enforced in a bid to control illegal practices in the trekking sector and to help ensure safety and security of trekkers.
Under the new provision, all the trekkers will have to go on trekking in the open trekking areas of the country only through the registered trekking agencies after taking a TRC. As administrative and service fee, TAAN will charge Rs. 250 from the trekking agencies for issuing TRC to a trekker.
“The provision of TRC will help maintain records of trekkers visiting different regions of the country and, thus, contribute in the formulation of plans and policies,” said Mr. Narendra B.C., President of TAAN, while addressing a press conference in Kathmandu on September 8, 2006.
Mr. B.C. said that the TRC regulation would help systematize the trekking industry.
In Nepal, trekking is an important segment of the tourism industry. An estimated 25-30 of the total tourists go on trekking in various parts of the country.
On the occasion, Mr. Deepak Mahat, Immediate Past President of TAAN and coordinator of the Special TRC Implementation Taskforce, said that the provision would help lead the trekking sector to further promotion.
“Because the illegal operators will be discouraged to operate groups, the genuine companies will have the opportunity to grow their business,” said Mr. Mahat.
According to him, this will help upgrade the service standard and contribute to better management of sustainable mountain tourism development.
He said that TAAN would adopt a more simplified TRC issuance procedure and work together with the national parks, conservation areas and security bodies to check illegal operations.
However, trekkers interested to visit the controlled areas such as the Upper Dolpo and Upper Mustang need not take TRC. The provision is mandatory only for trekkers visiting the open trekking areas like the Annapurna Region., Everest region, Langtang Region and other similar destinations.
Under-Secretary at the Tourism Industry Division under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA), Mr. Khada Nand Dhakal said that trekking without TRC is illegal and subject to charge fines and other punishments in accordance with the laws of the Nepal Government.

Mr. Tilak B. Lama, member of the Special TRC Implementation Taskforce, said that TAAN would pay due attention towards ensuring effective implementation of TRC.
No trekker is allowed to go to trekking areas without taking service of a registered trekking agency of Nepal. TRC is being issued to each and every trekker traveling only through the registered trekking agencies. TRC is going to be issued from convenient locations of Kathmandu and Pokhara which will remain open 10 hours a day all the seven days a week round the year.
Meanwhile, the Joint Policy Formulation Taskforce, which was recently formed under Mr. Khada Nand Dhakal as coordinator, has finalized the draft policy. The Council of Ministers will approve the draft after the taskforce submits it.

TAAN News Vol 17 Dated 11 september 2006.

Namaste from Kathmandu
Saipal Peak
www.reisennepal.com (http://www.reisennepal.com)

12.09.2006, 06:43
Good morning Saipal,
So that is a report on the September 8 press-conference, the one that the People's Daily and The Himalayan Times already wrote about.

It keeps amazing me how those involved apply the language in such newsreleases, the English here I mean. It never says clearly that trekkers are obliged to hire and pay for a TAAN-registered mountainguide and/OR porter as of October 1. It's just not in the text. It says "No trekker is allowed to go to trekking areas without taking service of a registered trekking agency of Nepal"But it doesn't specify what service exactly, nor does it confirm the requirements as lately posted/publicised by many a travelagent.

Now I'm no lawyer, but I work for a law firm. I believe it's getting interesting to obtain the official announcements re. the TRC, but in NEPALI. And then let's hear what independent translators make of such legal requirements (i.e. endorsed by the Nepalese Government) when they make proper translations.

That would be my proposition now, to be aware of and look into a cultural/linguistic issue where such TAAN "newsreleases" are concerned.

12.09.2006, 07:43
Here is an example of what I mean:


The poster, Alex, was obviously not too serious about his request, but just testing.
So as long as you are prepared to pay extra (bribe) to a TAAN-registered agency, you are fine to go trekking without a guide or a porter... Notice how the agent does ask for an itinerary up front, and seems to be well aware of the obligation (responsibility) to go search for the client should something happen. But the issue of the checkpoints (police, army, TAAN personnel) is completely ignored, and so is (improved) safety.

What a mess...

12.09.2006, 11:57
There seems to be a lot of misunderstandings about the TRC and the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal's part in all of this. I know many readers of this Forum also read the Lonely Planet Thorntree - but just in case you missed my clarification of this issue....I've copied it below: (you might want to go to the "Nepal Travel Advice * Safety Concerns" thread on the Thorntree to read what prompted this explanation.)

"I am not a defender of TAAN, particularly...and as I have said in my other post, there are some negative aspects to the TRC. My purpose in posting information from the Press Conference, previously, was the hope that there might be some value to receiving information first hand. As we all know media reports often are skewed. I have also indicated that I think the limitations of the TRC have gone too far....and let me say that not even all TAAN members are supportive of the requirements.
Anyway, let me clarify one obvious misconception from Old Hand's post. That is that the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal is a professional organization of member trekking agencies - it is not a Government entity - nor does it "register" trekking companies. When the TRC regulations refer to a "registered company" it is referring to a trekking business that is registered and liscensed with the appropriate Government department and is authorized to do business in Nepal. There are trekking agencies that ARE NOT members of TAAN but who ARE registered/liscensed businesses. They have also posted the required surety bond to do business in Nepal. They are required to pay VAT tax on their services. They must file corporate tax returns annually with the government. They can legally operate in the same way as those registered companies who have chosen to be members of TAAN. The TRC is not a plot by TAAN. They have been given the job by the Government to set up the system whereby the TRC will be issued to any company authorized to do trekking business in Nepal.
Once again, I repeat, DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER! :roll:

saipal peak
12.09.2006, 14:03
Hallo Mieke
It was not press conferrance by TAAN.It was regular weekly news Vol thats all.Concerning the Language qualitites, it was news vol for among TAAN members only.You will read official press conferance in few days with better english language.
Still if you have doubt about Ban of individual trekking Tourists in Nepal Please kindly
read my the Posting in this forum which I have Posted in fewdays ago.

As far I know it is 100% sure that TAAN will be banned to individual trekking tourists in Nepal from 01 october 2006.

Nepal Government assigns TAAN to implement
Trekking Registration Certificate (TRC)

Registration Required for trekkers
With a view to checking illegal operations in the trekking industry and ensuring safety and security of trekkers, the Nepal Government has introduced a new rule that requires all trekkers to go on trekking in various parts of the country only through registered trekking agencies after obtaining a Trekking Registration Certificate (TRC) from Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN). As an umbrella organization of more than 550 registered trekking companies of Nepal, TAAN has been authorized by the Nepal Government to issue TRC and the new rule is scheduled to come into force from October 1, 2006. TAAN will charge a minimum amount of money as administrative and service fee for issuing TRC. As a record of trekkers, TRC incorporates their personal details, trekking routes, duration, etc. The provision is introduced in order to upgrade the service standard and for better management of sustainable mountain tourism development in Nepal. Trekking without TRC is illegal and subject to charge fines and other punishments in accordance with the laws of the Nepal Government.

Importance and Necessity of TRC
It is very important to have a kind of monitoring and facilitating system in place for any sort of outdoor activity that involves physical risk. Trekking is a major outdoor activity in Nepal's mountain tourism. Given the rugged physical condition and remoteness of almost all trekking areas of Nepal's Himalayan mountain region, a record system is very essential that would be helpful in monitoring the safety and security of trekkers. The past experiences have shown that difficulties have been faced while carrying out rescue operations promptly during the times of natural calamities. Because of lack of proper record system of trekkers, their exact whereabouts and the information about trekking routes, rescue and search missions used to face difficulties in spotting the trekkers missing.

The Nepal Government is very serious about implementing TRC as a mechanism to control all sorts of anomaly, including illegal operations, and to ensure safety and security of trekkers. Therefore, TAAN, as a national tourism organization working in the field of sustainable mountain tourism in Nepal, has been entrusted with the responsibility of implementing TRC. As per TAAN’s proposed hassle-free procedure, TRC is being issued to each and every trekker traveling only through the registered trekking agencies.

The decision regarding the introduction of TRC is a welcome step taken in its policies and programmes by the Nepal Government. So, TAAN is in the process of developing a well-managed and efficient system with nominal service charge of Nepali rupees 250 (equivalent US$ 3.5 only) to implement TRC in the open trekking areas of Nepal. TRC is going to be issued from convenient locations of Kathmandu and Pokhara.

TRC Issuing System
The following considerations have been taken into account in the process of issuing TRC:

1. All important details of trekkers and trekking routes will be maintained on a computerized record system that may be useful for safety and security of trekkers and field-staff.

2. The data generated from the system will be useful to all stakeholders -- tourism organizations, government agencies, diplomatic missions, tour operators, research institutes, etc.

3. Unauthorized trekking operations will be controlled, thus, resulting into better management of trekking service and in benefit of all concerned - trekkers, agencies, field - staff, government, etc. and also occasional untoward incidents will be better prevented.

4. TAAN will be able to work more in its effort of preservation of natural and cultural environment in cooperation with local communities. This, in turn, will enable to promote sustainable tourism.

5. The issue of TRC will be so simplified that it would be prompt and inexpensive. The convenient TRC counter in Kathmandu will remain open 12 hours a day all the seven days a week round the year. Pokhara counter will be opened for 9 hours a day. The TRC counters will be located close to the counters of the National Parks and Conservation Areas.

6. TAAN’s Media Centre will have updated information about the conditions of trails and other relevant insights into the trekking areas. The same information also will be updated frequently in the TAAN's web page. Some of the check posts along the trekking routes will be equipped with telephone services by TAAN.

TRC Regulatory Provisions
1. Trekkers must keep Trekking Registration Certificate (TRC) along with them while trekking.
2. TRC must be shown to TAAN authorities, National Park check posts, Conservation Area Project’s check posts and police check posts on demand.
3. Deviation from the prescribed trekking areas shall be taken as a violation of law of the Government of Nepal
4. Trekkers must keep their copies of passports along with them during trekking for verification.
5. TRC shall be non-transferable, non-refundable and non-endorsable and valid only for single entry.

TAAN also requests all concerned stakeholders to help disseminate the above information to potential trekkers to Nepal and other related offices and agencies. Any inconvenience that may arise due to implementation of this new rule is regretted.

Hopely it will make you clear about TAAN & it's TRC immplementation system.


13.09.2006, 09:15
Thanks for your very detailed listing of the TRC requirements, Saipal. Only one comment....there was actually a joint TAAN/NTB press conference held at Brikhuti Mandap on Sep 8. I know, because I was there. That was the meeting I referred to in my Post.

13.09.2006, 23:36

First of all, a big "hello" to you here: Stilltrekkin....
I was very glad when I noticed you had joined. Because I'm under the impression that in view of people who had firmly planned to go trekking (independently) in Nepal again this fall, but now face a lot of uncertainty because of the new rules as of October 1, there is much more activity and interest here than on TT's Indian Subcontinent forum.

Meanwhile Mr. Andreas Khanal, of "Yak & Yeti", posted an interesting reply on Nepalboard.de :

Vorsichtiger Hinweis bezueglich TRC und meine pers. Meinung! (http://www.nepalboard.de/nepal/fua/27038.html)

A.o. things he says he feels the TRC plans, or at least some of that project, may be about to be "overthrown". As other people who are in Kathmandu have also revealed on some travelboards lately, it seems - according to Khanal - that there is ever mounting opposition in the tourism business in Nepal against the implementation of the TRC as announced by TAAN. Things are "brewing", if not already "boiling". That is the impression of the present situation in Kathmandu, in respect of the Trekking Registration Certificate and all the negative consequences it would have.

It would be nice if others out there, could confirm that atmosphere.

And without intending to insult or hurt anyone here , it's just a fact that the word "Mafia" keeps being used when people in the know, speak about the efforts and intentions lately of the TAAN. And too many foreigners, even if they are no more than tourists, are just too well aware of how often and how bad the financial interests of the countryside are usually totally ignored by certain business circles in Kathmandu / the Kathmandu Valley, who have a bad habit of thinking primarily of their own pockets and nothing else.

saipal peak
14.09.2006, 10:19
Hallo Mieke
It is very interesting to read your posting here. Do you think Peoples of kathmandu will be benefited By TRC and rest will loose lots?
If yes, it is your misunderstanding because:-
1.TRC will create thousand of new Job like guide/ Porters etc.Most of the trekking guide and porter are from various part of country when they get work who will gain from TRC ?

2. Most of Registered Trekking Agency belong to peoples who are out of kathmandu valley so when TRC implementation those agency will issue TRC under Taan so who will gain?

3. Normally TAAN is planning to collect revenue RS 2,50,00,000 from 100,000 tourists
Per year by TRC.TAAN will invest huge amounts of money to the village for
It’s sustainable tourism in Nepal. So big money will go to village.

4. After TRC implementation in Nepal Government will fix Government Tax according to issue of TRC through Trekking agency. So it will help to collect actual tax from Agency and it helps to collect national revenue. When government success to collect maximum revenue it will help to spend money for developing work in the country side of Nepal.

5. When Trekking became systematic in Nepal, more & more tourist will come to visit here , Our present accommodation in the trekking area will not be enough in future so new & new Lodge/ Hotel will establish in trekking route .So villagers will be benefited by Lodge/ food supply.
So TRC will make mutual benefit to peoples of Nepal not only peoples who lives in kathmandu.
I have asked about TRC with Lots of peoples of Nepal and Most of Peoples replied me that TRC is applicable in Nepal but need to implement it with systematic way.

Concerning the ban of individual trekkers, TAAN should make some new provision for individual trekking tourist in Nepal.

I would like to ask all of our friends in this board, (Hopely this will not hurt anyone and Peoples will not take it negatively.I am not supporter of Ban of individual Trekkers in Nepal) Why so much peoples are against the TRC implementation in Nepal? No body do not talk about Tibet and Bhutan tour. Tibet being very Papular /hot destination among the peoples of world. To visit Tibet every one should be in group, always should be with guide and need to pay Lots of US$ just for the trip. There is no individual trekking allowed so TRC is much more Liberal than to visit Tibet (Chinese tourism regulation).
Likewise: to Visit Bhutan every Tourist should pay more than US$ 200 per day to visit Bhutan and it is always guided tour. No individual trekkers are allowed So TRC is much better than Tourism regulation of Bhutan.
TRC, simply make clear that when you go to trek (Major trekking route) in Nepal at least hire one guide or porter through registered Trekking agency that’s all.
Every trekking Agency should make life insurance for every guide & Potters when they are in trekking so it will help to those guide porters who meet an accident during the trek. So hiring guide porters through trekking company is more secure in reality.

At finally I would like to say to Nepal's lovers TRC will not have big problem in future but Political instability may harm our trekking tour in Nepal.
So Lets pray for peace in Nepal again.

Namaste from kathmandu

14.09.2006, 13:41
Dear Saisal Peak,
Ther are fore sure deep cultural misunderstandings. You may understand better than I the mentality of Nepali people but I probably understand much better the mentality of western individual trekkers.

Just dont think that this regulation will lead to more work for portes and guides.
Within two years Nepal will loose his fame for beeing one of the most hopitable countrys for trekkers.

Many individuall trekkers will not chose your country for the first time - exactly thoose who were coming back many times and spredi the word of a beautiful country to visit al over the world.

The mentality of "dont think of a tourist as a guest, who you should convince by good service" is just given away to "lets force him to do the things we want him to do to get easely some extra money."

Well, many trekkers will just poll with their feets going elswhere. This will be very bad for many lodgeowners, porters or other people makeing their livin from individual trekkers.

By the way, you are charmed by Bhutanes regulation. Despite that this is a dictatorial kingdom ( see just the refugies in your country) in 1998 ther were just a little bit more than 8300 visitors. Is it this what you see as a future for Nepal?

Also China is thinking to abolish tourist restriction for Lhasa- Guess why- They want to increase their tourism!

15.09.2006, 09:39
Have just spent the last 30 minutes composing the most elegant reply to several points above....and no one will ever get the chance to read them due to a pesky "pop-up" that has been plaguing me for weeks and it resulted in back me out of the Forum! Oh well....here is a slightly shorter version...probably all for the best.
Saipal, I really appreciate some of the points that you have made but I do think you are being a little optimistic in Point #3 about the big money that will go to villages. The projected revenue that you mention equates to a little more than US$342,000 and from that revenue TAAN must set-up and staff two offices (Kathmandu and Pokhara) maintain a computer data base (making the info available to the Gov't on demand), pay all their operational overhead for the offices, etc....doesn't sound to me like there will be any significant funds left to pass along to village development.
And, Andrees, I also agree with you that there are going to be some independent trekkers who will "vote with their feet" and go elsewhere. However, I also think that their will be some thinking individuals who will say, "What the heck, let's go anyway!" And they are going to be the winners. For they will find out that there is more to trekking than simply going from Point A to Point B and looking at the fantastic scenery. They will find that the experience of travelling with a Nepali companion can enrich the adventure enormously....and it's not bad having the load off your back, either.
You said in your Post:
The mentality of "dont think of a tourist as a guest, who you should convince by good service" is just given away to "lets force him to do the things we want him to do to get easely some extra money."

What you have said may be true of some government officials (here as well as elsewhere in the World). I've been known to complain of and to a few of them myself!
But it is certainly NOT TRUE of the Nepali people in general. Seeing only the negative aspects of the TRC and predicting that Nepali Tourism will fail because of this change assumes, unrealistically, that the people willing to boycott Nepal represent the voice of the majority.
I have trek, toured, worked and lived in Nepal for 11 years (come October). I am only one of many, many people who return to Nepal year after year who have trekked most of the usual routes, not once but several times over. We know the trails as well as many of our Guides and probably better than a lot of the younger staff.....but we continue to arrange our trips through reputable Nepali owned companies and travel with Nepali companions. The point is that long after we forget where we took a certain mountain photograph, we remember the enjoyment of learning more and more about the Nepali people and their culture and their wonderful spirit. We remember the evenings in the lodge, singing, dancing and laughing with our Guide and Porters. We get all this enjoyment and we support the livelihood of many, many nepali people. Not just the trekking staff and their families, but the lodge owners and their staff, the taxi drivers and rickshaw boys in Kathmandu, the local porters who supply the lodges, the farmers that grow the vegetables that we eat, the herders and owners of pack animals - even the elderly woman in the tiny village along the way who brews the local Rakshi! These are the people that really matter and they are the ones who will suffer if many people boycott trekking in Nepal.
There are some benefits to the TRC...and if you could just get past all of your negative thoughts, you would see that. It's not easy to improve the standards in an Industry in a country like Nepal....and if some tighter controls (temporary or permanent) will help do that, then maybe it's worth a try.
And, by the way, let's get past this thing about seeing TAAN as the "bad guy". Not all athorized, registered trekking agencies are members of TAAN....but all of them will gain benefit from these new regulations. And, all of them will be required to regularize their operations bringing them within the guidelines governing the industry both as they relate to the foreign trekker and treatment of their own staff. So, given time to work out the "kinks" this could be a win/win situation for everyone, except for the few who do not want to experience the enjoyment of travelling with a lighter load or some of the other benefits that I have outlined above.
I hope you'll give some additional thought to this situation. Sometimes we think we won't like something, until we try it...and then wonder why we avoided it for so long!
Once wouldn't hurt...then, if it is still not your thing....then at least you tried. Or are you afraid of getting "hooked" as so many others have!?