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18.02.2011, 15:46
We are looking for expedition members for a trip to the source of the oxus, the Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan. We are re-tracing the route of a 19th Century British explorer, John Wood. The expedition is being organised by xxx.

25.02.2011, 16:25
No offense, but thats not so much of a good idea, is it? The taliban arent some stupid fucks living in caverns, which they leave from time to time to kill some western soldiers and innocent afghan civilians.
They control huge areas and I am pretty shure that such a remote and difficult to access area, thats so close to the pakistanian border, is not under control of NATO forces. Correct me in case Im wrong, but it sounds like unpredictable risk to me.

25.02.2011, 20:17
I suggest you do some research before posting replies. The Wakhan Corridor is currently assessed as safe for Westerners, for the following reasons:

Geography - there is only one way in and one way out, due to international borders and extreme terrain. Therefore any malign elements have to transit in through one area.

Culture - The Wakhan is inhabited by the Wakhi and Kyrgyz people, Ismaili muslims, a moderate form of Islam who have no religious, cultural or historical link with any of the different malign influences in the country.

History - The Wakhan has see a steady trickle of 50-80 western visitors each year, with no problems. There have been no security incidents in the Wakhan, and very few anywhere near.

Having served two tours of duty with NATO, I am very aware of the dynamic local security situation in Afghanistan, and know where to get the latest security information. Having spent all my time there armed, I would not be going back unarmed if I thought this was a bad idea.

I suggest you Google xxx and educate yourself.

07.03.2011, 22:36
I just finished reading the wakhan brochure at xxx am thrilled.

Nevertheless, there are some things I just could not deduce. How long will the actual trek (walking part) last? How long are you en route a day (walking)? Till when is it possible to join?

thanks very much in advance

09.03.2011, 23:18
Hey, so glad you are as excited as we are!! The trek starts and finishes in Qala e panj, and so is 12 days in total. It will involve 5-7 hrs trekking each day depending in the people and pace. Please e mail xxx if you need any other info, it will be a fantastic trip!!!