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15.10.2010, 07:31
[Baishi Valley]

Baishi Valley (Means White Rocks Valley in Chinese) is one of the 72 famous valleys in Qinling Mountains, China, is a good adventure site, it locates outside the south gate of Xi’an Safari Park. There is a Guanyin Temple in the east of the valley, with a couplet carrying profound message, “The temple is lighted up, although there is no light; the gate of the valley is blocked by cloud, although there is no lock. ” walking up the road along a creek, you will find Yanfu Temple, which is more widely known as Gudu Garden (Lonely Garden). According to legend “repenting in cottage”, Emperor Taizong of Tang was cheated by an evil monk and then hided in Yanfu Temple. There are cascades both inside and outside the cottage. The one inside cottage consists of multiple cascades at different level and falls into the deep Heilong Lake (also known as Xixin Lake). Creeks branch from the lake and run across the white stones in downstream, which form Qingliu Cascade with depth of 20m and width of 20m. The white stone is like a white heart bumping in the valley under the sun, and the valley as well as the cottage is named after the stone and the cascades. The valley is 40km long and tourists should not go back in the middle.

Baishi Valley

There are two other routes can arrive at the valley: one is to cross a ridge from Jinxian Temple in Ziwu Valley, the other is through Huangzi Valley at the opening of Feng Valley. Baishi Valley is deep with exuberant forests, which makes it a perfect place for hermits and monks. There are several temples in the valley, but the tightly shut gates prevent tourists to uncover their secrets. The valley divides into two branches in the middle, and both have creeks running all year long. In summer, waling among the forests, accompanied by the creeks and cascades, you will not be bothered by the hot weather.


Baishi Valley