Vollständige Version anzeigen : REAL trekking in Borneo?

01.06.2010, 15:54
I've been searching without any good results for real trekking in Borneo, you know where you sleep in the forest, when the roads are not cut out so even the 90 years old grandma could walk there and when you stay a long time in the forest away from civilization.

Most stuff I find is aimed at Mt. Kinabalu, and although it has nice nature and such it seems way too commercialized. Maybe there are alternative more challenging and longer routes?

Does anyone have any experience of real treks on Borneo?

What I'm looking for is:

A challenge
Good and real view of nature
1-3 weeks trek
Boat trips in the rivers
Nights in the wild
Preferably in a small group
Little as possible contact with civilization