Vollständige Version anzeigen : Pamir Highway im Januar

27.07.2009, 12:17
wir würden gern mal den Pamir Highway machen und dort evtl. einige Trekkingtouren machen.
Hat jemand Erfahrung mit dem Wetter im Januar?
Sicht? Temperaturen etc... oder lieber vergessen? :confused:

Danke schon mal für eure Tipps!

19.10.2009, 07:29

I am not sure if I am too late in replying to your questions..any way..Pamir highway in January is going to be very cold.
but you can still do it be prepared with warm clothing.
people in the region are extremely friendly and hospitable I am sure you will love it.

heaps of home stay along the way and you will be able to stay with one of the families.

you can do some short hikes along the way as well.

happy travel.

Cheers Iman