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01.04.2009, 12:57
Dear freinds

If you travel in Tajikistan you can cross border to Ishkashim in Afghanistan. Which is save area sourroundings also Mt. Noshaq Basecamp beautiful.
There is local sightseeing possible from Marco Polo Guesthouse in Ishkaskim.

Also longer stay with us is possible.

I can not yet write PNs - only with 10 posts.
But print this page and show at Guesthouse Marco Polo in Ishkaskim ask for Niat Jan .
Sincerley Niat Jan

02.04.2009, 17:00
I have no written this text above. You are spoofing my text, phacops. Why? Do you not want to have Afghan people here in Trekkingforum?

Why you have deleted my invitation for Discount. This is no advertising, if I give discount for trekking forum. Should be good for everybody. If there is rules maybe I can not read german language.

I want to help and give information for Wakhan and also help motivate people coming to Ishkashim to help us making business and income. But how can I tell to visit Ishkashim if this is not allowed advertising also?

Now everything is worsing in Afghanistan. Taliban also much stronger every month and only few save places left. We have no income. I can go to other forums.

03.04.2009, 11:14
Dear Niat Jan,

Phacops has taken out from your posting, what in this forum is considered as advertisement.
Please do not see this as meaning that we don't want you here in this forum! The people in this forum, who are interested in Afganhistan are happy to have contact with Afghan People!
Please keep us updated about the situation in your country and your region, as I am sure that Afghanistan will become a place to travel again some time for more people...
Thanks for your understanding and best regards,