Vollständige Version anzeigen : traurig: Pratappur Tempel kollabiert

23.09.2003, 13:28
Ich habe gerade auf www.nepalnews.com.np gelesen, dass der Pratappur Tempel am Swayambhunat-Hügel kollabiert ist:

Pratappur Temple collapses

The historic "Pratappur" temple situated in Swayambhu, a UNESCO world heritage site has collapsed Tuesday morning, local residents said.

Swayambhu Area Management and Conservation Committee General Secretary Mahendra Ranta Budhacharya confirmed telling Nepalnews over phone "the western part of the temple has completely collapsed." He added that this happened around 3 in the morning and the crown of the temple has also fallen.

The temple was damaged by a fire on August 05 and was on the verge of collapse. [...]

Budhacharya reported of no injures, but said debris was all over the place and statues and structures in the immediate area has been damaged by the falling structure.

Repair work was underway at the temple with grants and donations from various institutions and individuals. Last nights heavy downpour triggered the collapse. nepalnews.com rh/dr Sept. 23