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23.05.2008, 05:48
The hugely popular festival must be shifted to Darkhot in a neighbouring district for “security reasons”.... :x
Yak polo loses out to CIA outpost

.... The change of venue would mean transporting the festival, which is held in July and attracts thousands every year, from the North West Frontier Province to Gilgit in the Northern Areas. “We will have all the same activities but in a more secure place,” said Syed Aqil Shah, NWFP’s minister for tourism.Locals, who come from Pakistan’s poor, semi-nomadic Wakhi tribe, have complained that the move will be inconvenient as it involves herding dozens of corpulent, hairy yak from Boroghil over a glacier and the 4,572-metre Darkhot Pass to a land that is alien to them. http://www.thenational.ae/article/20080430/FOREIGN/76164421/1103/NEWS&Profile=11033492

The Boroghil festival is held from 15 to 17 July at the famous Boroghil plateau at the summer settlement of Shuwor Sheer 3690m since 2005. I attached a report from 2006...

@our fellow Pakistani members: Please keep us up to date with what's going on in this sensitive area!
Hope you are right "maximus" that isn't true...


28.05.2008, 19:48
Hi AndreasW,

As long as the Americans interests're in this region, the dirty politics, the strange tactics, so these things'll come again and again.

It's such a pity to see that Boroghil festival'll not be held in the outstretches of boroghil valley, I can see the languished faces of the local wakhi people, who were expectiong some guests, some fun, in the area.

Sometimes they think of Bin Laden in Chitral and now recently they'd a nightmare of him again, have a look at the link


They've gone mad, so how can you expect any festivity like Boroghil.

The mindset of Pakistanis's changing, from the judiciary to the bombing our own kids in the tribal areas, from the spy flights over Chitral to installing the dictatros like Mussharaf over the poor masses of Pakistan, from the so called democratic institutions in the west, it's shame and pity, when they support the dictators like Musshraf and when they criticise Pakistan, its role as a frontline state in the so called war against terrorism, but we don't to fight their war here in Pakistan, we've our own identity, way of thinking, we don't want any dictation, we want to be a free nation, it's our right, no external hand in our matters, we want to be free to take our own decesions, let's live peacefully and independently.

But change's coming, and I've pinned concrete hopes with that.

Bon voyage et Bien venu au Pakistan.

Imran Schah

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29.05.2008, 05:57
Thanks for your views, Imran!... Chitral, K2... What next? :kopfschuettel:

...or is that true what the "women who knew too much" said...

Let's hope: Times are changing!

All the best

29.05.2008, 17:58
Hi AndreasW,

Yeah! after K2, could be my grand parents house in Ayun?

As far as Benazir Bhutto & her corrupt husband're concerned,one of the key figures in the history of the corruption of Pakistan, who deposited their ill-gotten wealth in the western banks and after living in self exile in Dubai for almost 6 years, when uncle Sam showed her a white flag, she came to Pakistan,but this's not the Pakistan, she left, things were different,I acknowledge her capabilities as a politician but she's not foresighted.

Before her arrival, in an interview, she's speaking a strange language, normally Pakistanis've heard it from Bush and Rice, likewise giving FBI access to Dr. Qadeer, whatever the accusations're but this guy's our hero, Pakistanis keep a soft corner in their hearts for this personality.

Then in th clip of yourtube, she's indicted of Hamza Bin laden of the attacks in Karachi, but without any solid proof, so before jumping into the politics of Pakistan again, she'd become a conflicting personality, and later on she's killed, that's another tragedy,which's still a mystery.

So I hope the things'll be fine, once we get rid of these puppets and their backers.


Imran Schah aka imranthetrekker

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09.07.2008, 12:11
Greeting from Chitral,

I want to update the travelers, that Boroghil festival, whichís off this year by the federal government and ministry of tourism, after the great efforts of the friends from Chitral and Boroghil valley, in a meeting yesterday, it's been decided to arrange it locally, but itís not being sponsored by the government.
The datesíre 20 to 22nd of July, and the events

Buz Kashi, yak polo, horse race, tug of war, mountain marathon, Chitrali and Wakhi Music, Dance of Hindukush and much much more.

Congrats AndreasW.

Iím here in Chitral at the moment, after making a trip to Kalash valleys for a couple of days, enjoying the beautiful weather of Hindukush.

Chitral won the Shandoor Polo final today by 9/7.

I wish you happy and safe travels,

Imran Schah

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09.07.2008, 13:19
Hi Imran, I merged your post with this thread... Good news! It will held on the old place at Yarkhun valley?
Please keep us up to date!


14.07.2008, 17:43
Salut mes amis,

I want to update the travelers on the forum that Boroghil festival's been banned again by the governemnt of Pakistan, while arresting the organizers.

This is a very bad news, but things go like that in Pakistan.

I'm here in Peshawar now.

Imran Schah