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07.12.2007, 16:43
In 2006 a total number of 91 applications were received for grant of Permission to climb various peaks in Pakistan. Out of which 78 applicants were granted permission to climb respective Peaks of their choice including 10 applicants who were granted permission to climb 02 peaks each, whereas 10 expeditions could not be granted permission to climb peaks situated in Hindu Kush Range being too close to troubled Afghanistan border and peaks situated close to war zone Siachen Glacier, 03 expeditions withdrew their applications.
Out of 88 expeditions attempting 22 peaks, 40 expeditions have succeeded in putting 199 climbers on the summit of 08 Peaks. A brief resume of successful climbs on various peaks is given below: -

Golden Jubilee of Gasherbrum-II (8035-M)

Year 2006 has truly been celebrated as the Golden Jubilee Year of the First Ascent of Gasherbrum-II which was climbed for the first time 50 years back on 8th July 1956 by Austrian climbers Fritz Moravec, Josef Larch and Hars willenpart. A 25 members strong Austrian team led by Mr. Evald Putz and Mr. Josef Hinding arrived in Pakistan on 25th June 2006 in a bid to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the first ascent of G-II in a befitting manner by putting their national flag on the summit of G-II during its Golden Jubilee year 2006. Finally 19-members of this Expedition including 2 Pakistani mountaineers were successful in reaching the 8035 Meters high summit of G-II from 26th July to 31st July 2006. That is how, very proudly, the Austrians celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the First Ascent of G-II. On their return from the mountains all summiteers were awarded certificates by Alpine Club of Pakistan and commemorative shields by Hunza Guides Pakistan, which were presented to the climbers by Mr. Saad Tariq Siddiqi, Honorary Secretary, Alpine Club of Pakistan.

Overall 21 Expeditions tried their luck on G-II, out of which 18 Expeditions have been successful in putting 126 members on the summit of G-II and only 03 Expeditions have returned un-successful.

Choghori K-2 (8611-M)

07Expeditions tried their luck on K-2 but only two Expeditions, one Italian and one Japanese were able to put 2- members each on top of K-2, which includes a couple (Husband and wife) form Italy, and Japanese pair, Miss Komatsu Yuka the first Japanese and the youngest lady summiteer of K-2 at the age of 23 years 10 months 09 days and Mr. Aoki Tatsuya the youngest summiteer of K-2 at the age of 21 years 10 Months 07 days. Unluckily the Russian Expedition on K-2 met a fatal accident on 13th August 2006. During their summit attempt on 13th August 2006, four of its members were caught in an avalanche at an altitude of 8350-M. In spite of 3-days hectic Search and Rescue Operations; they could not be traced and as such were declared dead.

Broad Peak (8047– M)

This year 14 Expeditions were granted permission to climb Broad Peak out of which 06 have been successful in putting their 21 members on the summit of Broad Peak, 08 Expeditions have returned without success. Unluckily there was one casualty on this peak, Mr. Kronthaler Markus Leader of Austrian Expedition died after returning from summit

Gasherbrum-I (8068-M)

07 Expeditions tried to surmount impregnable G-I but only 3 Expeditions succeeded in putting 9 members on the summit, including 3 Pakistani climbers, remaining 04 expeditions have returned un-successful.

Nanga Parbat (8125-M)
06 Expeditions came to Pakistan this year to surmount the invincible Nanga Parbat, “The Killer Mountain”. It stood to its reputation and took the lives of two strong Mountaineers, Mr. Jose Antonio Delgado Sucre of Venzuela and Mr. Ozawa Nadhiro of Japan.

Mr. Ozawa Nadhiro member of the Japanese Saitama Nanga Parbat Expedition was found missing between camp 2 & 3 on 28th July 2006 and finally declared dead. Mr. Jose Antonio Delgado of Venzuela died after returning from summit of Nanga Parbat. All out efforts were made to rescue him alive but failed due to bad weather. Finally a 4-members Rescue Team traced him close to Camp-IV, but unluckily he was found dead.

Anyhow 03 Expeditions have returned successful in putting a total of 04 climbers on top of Nanga Parbat. 03 Expeditions have returned without success.

Spantik Peak (7027-M)

There were 08 Expeditions on Spantik Peak out of which 06 have returned successful by putting 30 climbers on the Summit. 02 Expeditions, one Spanish and one British have been reported unsuccessful. It has further been reported that one member of the German Expedition Ms Andrea Linckh lost her life near Camp-II on her way back from the summit.

Latok-III (6940-M)

01 Expedition from Spain was launched on Latok-III, which has returned successful with both members reaching the summit.
Latok-II (7108-M)
Only one American Expedition led by Mr. Steve Swenson was launched on Latok-II, which has been successful in putting all 03 of its members on the summit of the Peak.
Expeditions to All Other Peaks
Expeditions to all other peaks i.e. Gasherbrum-IV, Latok-I, Kunyang Chish, Batura-II, Bantha Brak, Lugpar Sar, Masherbrum, K-7, Shisper, Diran, Passu, Raka Poshi, Ogre and Chogolisa failed to climb any peak.
Total Number of Summiteers
In all 199 mountaineers of 40 Expeditions have been able to reach the summit of above mentioned 08 mountains.

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